The main producers of wheat are eurozone China, USA and Russia

The quoted price of the F.WHEAT instrument represents value in U.S. dollars of one bushel of wheat. One bushel of wheat is equal to 27,216 kg.

Wheat is mainly used as food, plays key role in the production of pasta and pastries. Wheat constitutes also a raw material for the production of beer and ethanol (ethanol), it is also commonly used for feeding animals. In comparision with other cereals, wheat has the most varieties, distinguished by quality and grain roughness – its protein content.

The main factor influencing the price of wheat is the development of the weather. Unfavourable wheather conditions and natural disasters, such as was floods, hurricanes, hail, drought, etc.) may cause an increase in wheat prices, as they lead to the decrease of production and supply.

Rule of thumb

Among the biggest consumers of wheat can be mentioned the European Union, China, India and Russia. Zobacz:pszenica

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