Natural gas


Natural gas

Natural gas is a flammable natural gas without color, taste and smell

Natural gas price is quoted in U.S. dollars per MMBT (million BTU), where the BTU is a British thermal unit and 1 BTU equals 1 055,05585 J (Joule).


Free of sulfur and heavy metals, natural gas has a higher energy content than solid fuels. During the combustion its products released into the air are much less harmful than in case of other fossil fuels, and therefore it is called an ecological fuel.

Extracted fom the ground and the seabed, can be found in the petroleum and coal deposits. Before it is distributed to the final consumer, an additional component with significant smell is added, in order to increase the probability of detection any possible leakages.

Natural gas is used as a source of energy (electricity generation, propulsion of motor vehicles, heating, etc.) and also as a raw material for the chemical industry. It is used in the production of nitrogen fertilizers.

The major producers are Russia, USA, Canada, Algeria, and Norway. The largest importers are the U.S., EU countries (Germany, Italy, Great Britain, France, Spain) and Japan.

Rule of thumb

Natural gas used in the vehicles has compressed (CNG) or liquefied form (LNG)

Unlike in case of diesel and gasoline engines, burning natural gas produces relatively low harmful emissions

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