The largest producers of coffee are Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia and Colombia Peru

Coffee price is quoted in U.S. dollars per pound, where the pound represents 0.45 kg of the commodity.

Coffee contains the stimulant caffeine, which has a stimulating effect. It is characterized by a black color and a distinctive aroma.

Coffee seeds are the fruit of the coffee plant. A coffee bush produces annually about 2.5 kg of green berries, from which after the roasting process, about 0.5 kg of coffee is exctracted. Most popular species are Arabica and Robusta. The species differ in terms of the farming demands and the taste of the coffee itself.

Arabic coffee plant (Arabica) provides coffee beans of the highest quality. It grows at high altitudes, and therefore is less resistant to pests and diseases. It is sensitive to frost; on the other hand the required temperature shall not exceed 24 ° C. Its share in the total world production of coffee amounts to 70%.

Robusta gives higher yields and is more resistant to pests. It prefers more stable wheather conditions, with temperature level close to 30 ° C. The processing method is cheaper than in case of Arabica, and so is the price of the coffee itself. Robusta is mainly used as an ingredient when blending with other species.

Rule of thumb

The price of Arabica coffee is higher than in case of other species, due to more demanding processing methods. Zobacz: Kawa

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